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Ladies Worship Night - 7/15/18

By Amy Beaudoin in Anchor Church 4 months ago | 617 views
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Calling all Ladies!!!

Join us at Sarah Lemn’s house in Sandbridge on Sunday, July 15 @ 7 pm for a night of fellowship, praise and worship on the beach! 
Susan Kim will be leading our worship time until sunset and then, we will head back to Sarah’s house for a campfire and s’mores. Please bring a beach chair to sit on and carpool with other ladies if possible. Also, please try to arrive by 7 so that we can head down to the beach together as a group.
We are looking forward to this time together!!

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Discussion about this event

Tarah Jones on 06/24/2018

We will be on vacation that weekend. Sad to miss out on another event :(

Peggy Philbrick on 06/25/2018

No, sorry I can’t make you it. We will be on vacation
that week.
Peggy Philbrick

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Annie Earls on 06/25/2018

Ladies! Come! This is going to be a sweet time of worship with your sisters at Anchor Church (and s’mores are a bonus)!

Gabrielle Morgano on 06/25/2018

So glad this is before we move!

Nicole Sibiga on 06/27/2018

We will be on vacation!  I will miss all you ladies! Have a wonderful time of worship!

Tiffany Mowell on 06/28/2018

I would love to be a part of this, I just work super early the next day!

Melissa Oderman on 07/06/2018

We will be out of town!  Bummed to miss this!

Janette Bareng on 07/12/2018

I will definitely be there! Can’t wait to worship with you all :)

Melanie Sodoma on 07/14/2018

I’ll be there! If anyone who lives near town center wants to carpool, lmk! :)

July 15
7:00 pm – 9:30 pm
312 Sea Scape Rd
Virginia Beach VA 23456
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22 people
are coming
Amy Beaudoin (1)

Jenn Almodovar (1)

Melanie Langston (1)

Jessica Bell (1)

Amee Wolfskill (1)

Debbie Lemn (1)

Katey Toller (1)

Susan Kim (1)

Maggie Garner (1)

Olivia Camp (1)

Samantha Coles (1)

Joanne Hassanpour (1)

Lei Dunn (1)

Genna Swartz (1)

Sarah Chang (1)

Gabrielle Morgano (1)

Stacey Lynn English (2)

Annie Earls (1)

Susan Thomson (1)

Sarah Lemn (1)

Melanie Rivera (1)