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Anchor Christmas Party

By Melanie Rivera in Anchor Church about 1 year ago | 1613 views
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Come dressed as your favorite Christmas character, put on your ugliest Christmas sweater, or come as you are. If you are a Partner with Anchor Church or you are in the process of becoming a Partner, please plan to join us on December 8th from 6:30pm-9:30pm at the Wyndham Virginia Beach Oceanfront for an evening of fun, tunes, and fellowship. We’ll enjoy heavy Hors d’oeuvres and desserts in the Surf Club Oceanfront Grille, with a cash bar available if you’d like to enjoy responsibly.

This holiday party is intended for the adults in our church family to connect with each other, meet new friends, and make fun memories; so, childcare will not be provided. Please make your arrangements for a sitter ASAP as the holidays tend to fill up quickly.

Here’s a fun option: If you’d like to take the opportunity to enjoy a night at the oceanfront after the party, the Wyndham has generously offered a block of oceanfront rooms at a rate of $49/night (plus taxes) for our guests. If you’re interested, simply call the hotel directly at (800) 365-3032 by December 1st and tell them you’re with Anchor Church. 

To help us with our plans, please RSVP by December 1st. The first 30 people to sign up will be entered into a raffle to win a free room at the Wyndham, to be used the night of the party or at a later date. 

We hope you’ll come celebrate with us!

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Discussion about this event

Lindsay Johnson on 11/09/2017

Johnson’s are in for a night of fun!

Christy Montoya on 11/11/2017

Montoyas are in! Planning to book a room too:)

Jessica Bell on 11/11/2017

So bummed to miss out! Tre’s school Christmas Program is the same night. sigh!

Brooks Klein on 11/12/2017

I will be there and plus one. Can’t wait!!

Katey Toller on 11/12/2017


Sarah Lee on 11/13/2017

Lee’s are booking a room as well! Who can beat that deal!

Melanie Rivera on 11/22/2017

Hey everyone! We did the raffle after the first 30 people signed up. Greg and Sarah Lee are the winners of the free hotel room, to be used on the night of the party or at a later date. Congrats, Greg and Sarah! 

We’re super excited about this party and we can’t wait to celebrate with all of you!

Sheldon White on 11/28/2017

This party gon be liiitttttt!

Andy Thrasher on 11/30/2017

I wish I could make it, but I have major amounts of research papers to grade the night before. Have a good PARTY!

Carrie Fry on 12/03/2017

I’m coming!!!!!!!!!!

Max Chou on 12/03/2017

I’ll be there!

RBAR Bareng on 12/03/2017

better late registeration than never right? :)

Jessica White on 12/04/2017

We are super sad to miss out – but we’ll be in Asheville for the weekend. This sounds so fun! :) 

December 08
6:30 pm – 9:30 pm
5700 Atlantic Avenue
Virginia Beach VA 23451
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